Bangla Serial Nil Ronger Golpo, Dharabahik Natok-Bangla Natok Nil Ronger Golpo Part 1


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“Nil Ronger Golpo” is a newly released bangle drama serial written by Jakaria Showkhin and directed by Kaushik Sankar Das. It’s started from 21st august on popular private tv channel nTV. This serial will telecast on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:45pm.
The rolling characters of  Nil Ronger Golpo are based on the famous characters of three historical novelists of times. And they are Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Nizami Ganjavi and William Shakespeare. This romantic serial is being built with the immortal love stories of these historical novelists. The characters are Sarat Chandra’s ‘Devdas-Parboti’, Nizami Ganjavi’s ‘Laily-Majnu’ and Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo-Juliet’. These characters have been integrated in the context of the modern fashion in Nil Ronger Golpo. Where you will see, Devdas(Nisho),Majnu(Milon) and Romeo(Niloy) are the students of the same university. The friendship between them is also very high. Love comes in their life. Slowly-slowly the love of ‘Devdas-Parboti’, ‘Laily-Majnu’ and ‘Romeo-Juliet’ is getting maturity.
The heroines of “Nil Ronger Golpo” are very popular Tisha,Nadia and Zeni. The theme song of this drama is also very romantic with awesome lyrics. The song is sung by Bappa & Elita.
If anyone wants to see the ‘Devdas-Parboti’, ‘Laily-Majnu’ and ‘Romeo-Juliet’ of present era then he/she has to watch this romantic drama serial Nil Ronger Golpo.


Script : Jakariya Showkhin
Director : Kowshik,Sonkor Das
Head Assistant Director : Tuhin Hossen
Assistant Director : Humayan Bappi,Mehedi Hasan Joni,Aworongojeb.

Cast : Anisur Rahman Milon,Nadia Ahmed,Afran Nisho,Nusrat Imroz Tisha,Jeni,Niloy Alamgir,Mita Chowdhury,Dr Anamul Haque,Wahida Mollik Joli,Kayes Ahmed,Manush Bondhopoddhai,Shirin Bokul,Kazi Uzzal,Ponkoj Mozumder,Munia Islam,Hasan Azad,Nomira Ahmed,Hisham Khan Setu,Sumon.

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